Beauty brands switch to bio-based paper packaging

Last fall we reported how big-name brands have begun testing bio-based paper packaging solutions, paving the way for industry-wide innovation and setting the standard for corporate eco-consciousness. Recently, other brands—specifically in the beauty and personal care space—are doing the same, creating a groundswell around this packaging shift and ushering in low- to no-waste packaging as the new norm.


P&G recently debuted all-paper, plastic-free packaging for its Secret and Old Spice deodorants, which can be found in 500 Walmart locations nationwide. The packaging is made of 90% recycled content and has a new, cylindrical shape with a “push-up” design. This specific initiative is merely a first step for P&G Beauty; if it proves successful, P&G will roll out similar packaging for more of its beauty products, laddering back to the multinational company’s pledge to implement 100% recyclable or reusable packaging, along with cutting current use of virgin, petroleum-based plastic in half, for its products by 2030.


Last fall, L’Oréal announced a partnership with sustainable packaging company Albéa to redesign the standard plastic beauty container into a more sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solution made with paper-like biomaterial, which replaces most of the plastic that is traditionally used in cosmetic containers. At the beginning of June, L’Oréal confirmed that its La Roche Posay brand would be the go-to-market debut of this commitment. La Roche Posay’s Anthelios sunscreen, packaged in a paper-based tube, will first hit shelves in France before being made available globally. This is L’Oréal’s inaugural rollout of such packaging, but the personal care company confirms that more of its brands will implement this bio-packaging in the future.


Vegan beauty brand Coconut Matter is paving the way for better beauty with its fair-trade virgin coconut oil-based beauty and personal care products, which are packaged in “ecolicious” plastic-free packaging. To wit, the brand’s adorable deodorant and lip balm packaging consists of hand-rolled biodegradable cardboard lined with food-grade wax paper. In addition to this packaging Coconut Matter also offers Smarter Eco Packs, curated bundles of essential self-care items intended to give customers the products they value while helping them lower their eco-footprint in the process.