Summer’s hottest entertainment? Drive-in festivals, experienced from the comfort of cars

The Covid-19 pandemic is requiring leaders in the entertainment industry to come up with highly creative solutions when planning this summer’s live entertainment. Enter the drive-in festival, where attendees follow social distancing protocols while participating in the live music and dance experiences they desire.


Disco Donnie Presents has organized a drive-in music festival, called No Parking On The Dance Floor, to resurrect live yet safe entertainment for music fans amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The unique touring festival utilizes drive-in movie theater venues and boasts a lineup of different DJs with EDM and dubstep backgrounds. No Parking On The Dance Floor organizers encourage attendees to decorate their cars, dress up, and even tailgate for a truly fun in-person entertainment experience, so long as they adhere to social distancing requirements. In light of such requirements the festival even evolved the popular rave acronym P.L.U.R., which stands for “Peace, Love, Unity, Respect,” to instead call for festival goers to “Practice social distancing, Look out for each other, Use air hugs not real hugs, and Respect the rules and guidelines put in place.”


Superstar trap DJ Carnage organized Road Rave, a drive-in EDM festival, to bring club-goers, music lovers, and rave fans the ultimate summer concert, adjusted for the current Covid-19 pandemic. For this past Saturday’s sold-out Road Rave in Orlando, Florida, attendees were asked to wear masks and avoid dancing or grouping with anyone outside of the up to six-person party they came with. The Tampa Bay Times quotes Carnage, saying, “If I have to wear a mask to go and play a live show, I will wear 30 masks. [...] This isn’t about us socializing and going to hang out with people. This is more about us doing something for the fans, in and out, being safe and responsible. We don’t want to put the fans in danger.”


Yankee Stadium has sat empty since the postponement of the MLB, but Marco Shalma’s MASC Hospitality Group is working to turn the stadium’s parking lot into a drive-in entertainment arena for the upcoming Uptown Drive-In Experience. The festival will feature live music performances, dance showcases, trivia nights, karaoke, comedy shows, and concessions from NYC’s top food and drink vendors. Tickets will be charged per vehicle, and, in keeping with Covid-19 regulations, attendees will be required to park their cars at least 10 feet away from other vehicles and follow other social distancing protocols. The hospitality group hopes to get the fun and affordable summer experience up and running by July 4th and through August.