Copper face masks proliferate

Copper has long-studied antimicrobial and self-sanitizing properties, and new studies have shown that this natural material effectively neutralizes the Covid-19 virus in as little as four hours. Enter the following enterprises, which utilize copper for face masks to more fully protect wearers against the novel coronavirus.


Israeli fiber technology company Argaman has developed a new material made from copper-infused cotton fibers that provides protection against viral matter. Argaman’s Jeffrey Gabbay, textile scientist and inventor of this advanced fabric tech, created the BioBlocX mask, which features four copper-infused layers and copper oxide filters to help wearers reduce exposure to the novel coronavirus. The mask retails for $50 but purportedly lasts a lifetime; as Gabbay explains, “This mask doesn’t filter; it’s a deactivation device that actually kills bacteria and viruses.”


Microbiologist Phyllis Kuhn has for years been an advocate of using copper in hospitals to curb the spread of illness, and to this end has been selling face coverings to the public via the Kuhn Copper Solutions website. Kuhn offers three copper mask solutions, all made of 99.95% copper mesh, to fit a range of consumer needs. The Full Mask is ideal for those who wish to fully cover their face, while Kuhn's Mini Mask allows users to keep their nose covered while they eat, drink, or talk when they’re out and about. The third solution Kuhn offers is a copper mesh insert that users can wear beneath a conventional mask as an added layer of protection.


Gen Z-founded and Raleigh, North Carolina-based startup CopperSAFE offers antimicrobial gaiter-style face coverings to afford users a comfortable way to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The coverings are made with a specialty copper-infused fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and easier to maneuver up and down, opposed to a more traditional mask that requires putting on and taking off. Each face covering retails for $18.99 and comes in a range of sizes, colors, and designs.

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