Summer activities still proliferate amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

Summer 2020 is unfolding differently than what we’re used to, but despite the plethora of canceled group activities and otherwise postponed events, people are still participating in socially distant experiences that allow them to get outside and enjoy their summer. Check out a few of these activities below.


At the start of the Covid-19 shutdown back in March Swimply saw a 1,200% increase in bookings as many realized public pools would probably not be open for the summer. The pool rental startup is akin to Airbnb, but for swimming pools instead of short-term housing accomodations. Users can peruse pools-for-rent in their immediate area and book a few hours of swim time for somewhere between $35-$100 per hour, depending on location and demand. Swimply has also recently ventured beyond the pool rental service with its newest offering, called Joyspace. Joyspace allows users to rent spaces by the hour, including basketball courts, tennis courts, private gyms, and backyards. While Joyspace hasn’t officially launched, the waitlist is open for those interested in renting a space, and for those who want to offer up their space for rent.


Boat rental company Boatsetter is seeing a major increase in interest and rentals: in May, the company reported a 40% year-over-year increase in bookings. Boatsetter was founded back in 2012 and serves as a peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace for those looking for a short-term boating experience. Those looking for a sea-based adventure can use Boatsetter to connect with captains and boat owners to facilitate their desired sailing experience. Heads up, renters: the experience can be pricey, but it’s probably worth it for those who don’t want the hassle (and enormous expense) of owning a boat outright.


Healthy Suffolk, a health and wellness non-profit located in Suffolk, Virginia, has partnered with Johnson’s Gardens to provide the community with container garden kits designed for children and their families. This Garden to Go initiative has distributed a pilot round of gardening kits (containing potting soil, seeds, and plants), giving families the chance to get their green thumb on while social distancing, and plans to offer 200 more to sate demand. What’s more, there's an online community swelling around this initiative: participants share photos and gardening anecdotes on Healthy Suffolk's Facebook page, contributing to communal discourse in a safe, virtual way.