These innovative gadgets are worth the weight.

Life under Covid-19 has been hard on consumer health in many aspects. Whether it’s meant spending more time sitting in front of screens, not attending workout classes at the gym, downing drinks for digital happy hours, baking bread, or just enjoying eating while wearing sweatpants 24/7, this overall disruption has some people packing on the “Quarantine 15.” Luckily, tech innovation in the area of weight management is here to help consumers take weight loss to new levels. Read on to learn about the highly personalized and data-based weight loss technology that’s helping consumers geek out on getting healthy.


Lumen is taking metabolism measurement mainstream. Providing information that was once only available to elite athletes, this high-tech, hand-held gadget can read carbon dioxide concentration from just a few breaths. This information tells the user whether their body is burning carbs, fats, or a mix of both. It then acts as a nutritionist, suggesting meal plans and foods to best fuel workouts, allowing for improved metabolic flexibility and fat burning. Designed by two doctors in physiology, this data-driven device is all about science and strategy, and helps make the weight loss process as personalized as possible.


Calibrate, a metabolic telehealth company, offers users a connected and customized approach to improve their health. The one-year online program partners patients with an obesity specialist (featuring top-notch clinicians like the president of the World Obesity Federation and a physician-scientist from Harvard Medical School) who coaches them on their lifestyle and can prescribe medications. Accessed via the app, phone, or computer, the program relays meaningful metrics like blood pressure and blood sugar. The company has already raised $5.1 million in seed funding, with one investor saying Calibrate offers a “sincere balance between having a science-backed medical solution, and then also having a coach and a lifestyle element to really support that and back that up.”


Withings’ sophisticated and stylish Body Cardio scale will make you actually want to watch your weight. This scale measures weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, body water, heart rate, and bone mass, and it even relays the daily weather. The device supports consumers on their weight loss journey, providing historical data the entire way, which can be especially beneficial for pregnant women and athletes. Withings, a pioneer in consumer electronics for health, introduced the first ever connected body scale in 2009 and has since built other award-winning models. This new Body Cardio scale could be their most innovative product yet.