Extreme hand sanitization calls for some serious pampering with at-home hand masks

Everyone is well aware that the Covid-19 pandemic has elevated concerns around hygiene and basic hand washing to unprecedented levels. But as hand sanitizing has taken off, many consumers are experiencing subsequent dry skin issues, such as eczema on their hands. Alas, hand masking has become the ideal way to mitigate the drying effects of over-washing and over-sanitizing, and such an indulgence also helps consumers relax and treat themselves for the duration of this pandemic.


South Korean skincare brand Dr. Jart+ offers products that are “powered by science [and] inspired by art,” and this ethos extends to the brand’s hydrating hand mask. The Dr. Jart+ Dermask Hand Hydrating Mask is designed to deeply hydrate skin and replenish nail health through warming thermotherapy technology and was inspired by similar tech used in professional nail salons. To use, simply slip the mask onto dry hands: you’ll feel a tingling within 10 seconds as the mask begins to “heat up.” After 15-20 minutes, your hands will be smooth, replenished, and moisturized.


Karuna, which claims to be the first sheet mask brand to launch in the U.S., offers a hydrating hand mask in the form of a glove. This creamy, oil-infused sheet mask is made with Camellia flower extract and Karuna’s exclusive and signature Beauty Complex, included in all of their masks, to replenish lost moisture. For those with eco-friendly product preferences, Karuna’s masks are made from biodegradable cloth that holds 50% more serum than other mask sheet materials, leaving users with more bang for their buck—and a better option for the planet.


Lush’s Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask is the perfect solution for dry and overworn hands. The mask absolutely pampers your paws and is accordingly formulated with murumuru butters, fresh cupuacu, and avocado, argan, and castor oils. To add to the product’s relaxing spa effect, users must activate the mask in a warm bowl of water. Once this glittery hand-shaped bar is dropped into the bowl, it will melt into a milky concoction. Users then soak their hands for 15-20 minutes to reveal nourished, soft, and sweet-smelling hands.