Brands launch at-home mixology experiences

As alcohol sales continue to boom during the pandemic, brands in this vertical are focusing on creating at-home mixology experiences to cater to increasingly homebound consumers. These offerings encompass tastings, workshops, classes, and other alcohol-forward experiences that really raise the bar when it comes to the experience of imbibing at home.


Bombay Sapphire recently launched “Create From Home,” a multi-platform experience encompassing online classes, workshops, and cocktail-making sessions, to give imbibers the chance to dabble in the art of mixology—alongside other creative pursuits—from the comfort of their homes. “Create From Home” is the result of partnerships between Bombay Sapphire the following brands: Skillshare, which is providing participants complimentary two-month online learning memberships and access to mixology classes, Society6, which is hosting weekly a virtual “Drink and Draw” event that combines art and a gin cocktail-mixing class, and Hunker, which offers home-centric DIY content so participants can pad out their homes in the process. We’re here for this ginned up partnership party!


Amateur mixologists can now recreate bar-quality cocktails from home with the help of Patrón—and Amazon. The popular tequila brand teamed up with the e-commerce giant to launch Patrón Pantry, where customers can source and purchase all the ingredients needed to create the kind of specialty cocktail you’d otherwise have to go to a bar to get. There are three cocktails to choose from, courtesy of the mixologists who took part in the 2020 Patrón Perfectionists cocktail competition, and the ingredients for each, once purchased, are delivered straight to the customer’s door.


Master Sommelier Laura Fiorvanti’s wine-centric restaurant Corkbuzz is offering virtual wine classes that will take attendees on a journey through the delicious wines of France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and more. Each class, which is $10 per person, features Corkbuzz sommeliers talking participants through a wine’s region, history, geography, and more, all while sipping on pre-paired wine. Corkbuzz also offers a complementary Class Backpack (starting at $150) containing six bottles of wines that are pre-paired for each week of the class. This blended learning experience is certainly elevating the consumer discovery journey through this popular subject.