Outdoor workouts proliferate amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

As many gyms have shut down or are operating under strict social distancing measures, fitness fanatics are turning to outdoor options to get their sweat on. Young adults are interested in these workouts because they allow them to get some much-needed exercise—giving them a break from the enormous amount of screen time they’re logging—while reducing the risk of Covid-19 transmission. The initiatives below are mostly local, but national gyms should also consider getting in on this al fresco action.


A few weeks ago, we reported that private “bubbles” for socially-distanced dining were being trialled in the restaurant industry during the pandemic. Now, Toronto-based LMNTS Outdoor Studio is hosting bubble-based hot yoga workouts. The studio’s pop-up event at Toronto’s Hotel X features 50 personal bubbles, each equipped with heaters and fans. The airway entries in the domes allow for hygienic ventilation and the domes are cleaned and sanitized before each class. We predict this trend will bubble over into the U.S. sooner rather than later.


Stacked Yoga, a Black-owned and Brooklyn-based yoga studio, is hosting a range of outdoor yoga classes in NYC. Called “Stacked in the City,” these classes emphasize inclusivity and diversity, and they’re available to yogis of all skill levels. While some classes are in parks, Stacked recently launched a series called “Flow for Justice,” which is held at the Black Lives Matter mural in Bedstuy and includes a practice held directly on top of the mural. Talk about an exercise for equal justice!


Cult favorite boutique fitness studio New York Pilates is hosting outdoor classes at its location in Montauk, even though its five other locations remain closed. Heather Andersen and Brion Isaacs had 15 reformer platforms built in the studio’s parking lot to socially-distance class participants and allow them to enjoy the lovely beach breeze while class is underway. Andersen recounts that some members were so happy to return to class that one even broke down crying in gratitude.