Check out these refillable, sustainable, and beautifully-packaged personal care brands

Back in 2018’s The Innovation Outlook we reported that 1 in 2 Trendsetters in the U.S. (50%) and one-third of overall U.S. youth (34%) think a brand is innovative if it creates sustainable/eco-friendly products, signaling that this feeling would only grow among the general population. Fast forward two years, and consumer desire for sustainable and eco-friendly products is still reaching new heights as fresh warnings around the dangers of climate change—and how plastic waste contributes to this issue—grow more dire. But fear not: the following brands are offering highly sustainable and refillable cleaning and personal care solutions that allow consumers to start on their own journey to clean up the planet simply by cleaning their homes.


Personal care brand Keeper offers a natural, multi-purpose soap concentrate and a hand cleansing spray, both of which are effective and sustainable solutions in service of environmentally-friendly cleanliness. The brand’s concentrate-only soap reduces water waste and is intended for use in reusable glass and aluminum containers, which further reduces single-use plastic waste. What’s more, the soap concentrate itself is hemp-based, and fun fact: the use of hemp is also highly sustainable. Essentially, every aspect of the brand is designed to put both the consumer and the earth first, something that young consumers are increasingly prioritizing.


Blueland launched on Earth Day of last year, lending the eco-friendly brand an auspicious start that aligns nicely with its mission to reimagine CPG items “with innovative form factors and environmentally responsible packaging.” Blueland offers clean-centric starter sets, bundled kits, and tablet and powder refills for its various soaps and cleaning products, all of which are made with non-toxic ingredients and come in earth-friendly packaging. The brand emphatically tackles the dire problem of plastic waste, but makes being part of the solution as easy as possible, as it espouses the idea that “cleaning up our planet starts with cleaning our homes.”


By Humankind sells personal care products that are better for consumers and better for the planet. The brand offers starter sets for a large range of products—including floss, hand sanitizer, shampoo, deodorant, and mouthwash—that customers can refill as needed. This system mitigates single-use plastic waste and does so quite stylishly, as By Humankind’s products are beautifully designed to meet high aesthetic standards.