Check out these brands’ Halloween initiatives

While Halloween (and the rest of 2020’s upcoming holidays) will certainly be different under the current Covid-19 pandemic, brands are hosting an array of activities and safe, socially-distant experiences so that consumers can still creatively celebrate "Spooky Season".


Trick-or-treating may look differently this year, but the team at Reese’s wants to ensure that kids can still get the candy they quest for—just in a contactless way. The candy brand has created a “robot door” that lights up, opens, and dispenses king-sized Reese’s when someone knocks on it (the knock activates a Bluetooth speaker, which then directs the dispenser mechanism). Those who want a Reese’s door in their town have to tag the brand on Instagram, use the hashtag #ReesesDoor, and explain why their municipality deserves this fun yet safe way to trick-or-treat.


Streaming giant Hulu celebrated its annual “Huluween” with a four-night drive-in movie experience at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center this past weekend. Bad Hair, Books of Blood (a Hulu original), and other classic Halloween movies were screened while attendance was capped at 150 cars per showing. Hulu was smart to tap into this spooky season with a pandemic-appropriate live event, for according to AdWeek, “the streaming service reported members viewed more than 6 billion minutes of horror content on the platform in 2019.”


Hostess Brands launched “Bring Hostess Halloween Home,” a three-week content series about making treats (and tricks) from the safety and comfort of consumers’ homes. The campaign smartly taps into the acceleration of DIY crafting, an area today’s young adults are increasingly gravitating towards because the hobby is home-based, yet still highly-shareable (Editor's note: explore more around this topic in our Life Interrupted: The Retail & Spending Perspective report).