Innovative healthcare systems take off during the pandemic

As covid-19 cases soar, so too are the innovative healthcare systems that are aiding in the fight against this virus. In today’s remote-everything era, companies previously positioned in the digital healthcare space are seeing patient business skyrocket and, with that, increased financial investment. According to the CDC, telehealth visits were up 154% in the last week of March 2020, compared with the same period in 2019. And this is a trend that may outlast the pandemic and become the norm: Cassandra research shows that one-third (35%) of U.S. Trendsetters have had a virtual health appointment. While virtual visits aren’t ideal for every area of healthcare, they offer expanded access to consultations, decrease transmission risk, and help preserve PPE. Below are some innovative tech-based health models that are pioneering this type of care during the pandemic.


Cityblock Health, a pioneer in healthcare for marginalized populations, recently netted $54 million in a series B funding round. The Alphabet-backed startup offers a unique, tech-first approach to healthcare, founded on highly personalized and prevention-oriented treatment. Cityblock, which has publicly committed to building an anti-racist company, hopes its innovative model will help to narrow health disparities, all the more critical for marginalized communities during the pandemic. Company co-founders Toyin Ajayi and Iyah Romm spoke to this recent round of funding, saying: "This investment demonstrates conviction in the potential of integrated, value-based care to fundamentally transform health across the nation."


Following a $38 billion merger, Teladoc Health and Livongo are positioned to be the sole market leader in digital healthcare; Forbes calls the incorporation "the market’s first full-stack virtual health company." According to the press release, "[t]he combined company’s platform will feature the full range of health support - from AI+AI engine-driven "nudges" and health coaches to therapists and board-certified physicians and the world’s leading specialists - available anytime, anywhere to ensure the right care is always delivered." The company is providing crucial services during the pandemic, expanding the definition of digital health and advancing the industry as a whole.


One Medical, an innovative healthcare model operating in several cities across the U.S., wants to be considered as consumers' "healthcare home base." One Medical offers 24/7 telehealth support; according to the company, 45% of members use its digital services on a monthly basis. One Medical’s tech-based comprehensive care practice offers in-person and online services for member’s primary care needs. Since February of this year, the company has already seen its stock surge 52%.