Pistachio beverages are trending

The alternative milk—or ‘alt milk’—landscape continues to gain new entrants (hello, avocado milk!), with pistachio milk being the latest addition to this crowded beverage space. The pistachio, a member of the cashew family, is rich, buttery, and a bit salty, and the following entities are harnessing this flavor profile for use in coffee-based drinks and sweet beverages alike.


Táche, a new brand of alternative milk made from pistachios, claims to be the “first true pistachio milk in the United States.” Táche is a bit pricey at $7.99 for a 32-ounce carton, but the product doesn’t contain highly-processed vegetable oils like some other trendy alt milks do. What’s more, it’s been formulated for barista use, so it foams and froths beautifully—and it’s apparently delicious. Táche initially launched in the New York tri-state area, but as a direct-to-consumer brand, anyone can buy this alt milk at Táche’s website.


This is less of a beverage and perhaps more of a dessert, but Disney World’s latest seasonal holiday treat does tap this little green nut. Back in November the theme park launched a new roster of holiday treats, including a Pistachio Chai Tea Float, which was available at Aloha Isle (and technically counts as a beverage). It’s exactly what it sounds like: the float includes pistachio soft serve that is bathed in a milky, sweet chai tea and topped with an ‘ornament’ made from a red velvet cake pop.


Borsalia, a new cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, offers coffee lovers pistachio and pistachio-cinnamon options for its cappuccino flavors. The Italian café concept, which only opened last month, boasts its own pastry residency program, so visitors can ostensibly pick up a delicious treat that will go extraordinarily well with such an interesting cappuccino flavor. Eater even called Borsalia’s cappuccinos “the highlight” of the cafe’s offerings.