New wellness shots offer big benefits in a small format

As we covered in The Picture of Health (Cassandra’s latest report), young adults are adopting a more individualized and intuitive approach to eating, especially in light of the pandemic and its effects on their daily schedules. Whether they're snacking on healthy food or indulging in nostalgic treats, the new consumer foodscape is predicated on snackable customization that fits Millennials' and Gen Zs' unique needs. The following new wellness shots fit right into this idea of flexible customization, as each of these little beverages packs a big punch in terms of various benefits.


Imagine if 5-Hour Energy and a trendy wellness elixir had a better-for-you baby: meet GO BIG, the world’s first clean label, natural energy and wellness shot, which recently announced a brand new flavor (Raspberry Pomegranate) and a reformulation of its original energy-packed flavors (Blood Orange Ginger and Blueberry Açaì). Each shot contains around 200mg of caffeine, mostly from guarana, and has no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or added sugar. With this offering, GO BIG—which is led by the only female CEO in the entire energy drink industry—is revolutionizing what it means to be an energy drink company in 2020 by creating an all-inclusive and healthy alternative to what has dominated the market thus far.


Dose is making a splash in the wellness vertical with the debut of four new functional shots, designed to ultimately help consumers pursue healthier lives. Dose worked with a scientific team to help develop the line of 2 oz. wellness shots, which are made with high quality natural ingredients “in efficacious doses.” The final result is a range of four different varieties—Dose for your Liver, Dose for Soreness, Dose for Immunity and Dose for your Skin—that feature trending wellness ingredients like turmeric, elderberry, and acerola cherry, to name a few.


TOUTALOU’s Revive, a debut wellness product from Avery Arden Brands, was formulated to help imbibers mitigate hangovers when they indulge in a few too many drinks. All consumers need to do is drink TOUTALOU in tandem with alcoholic beverages or before bed to help lessen potential headaches, inflammation, stomach pain, and liver damage. Along with saying ‘too-da-loo’ to hangovers, customers are saying hello to the shot’s all-natural ingredients and innovative herbal formulations, which are rooted in traditional Chinese tinctures.