Weighted blankets and accessories help reduce stress levels, one nap at a time

2020 brought stress and anxiety upon many; in response, some are prioritizing their mental health. One coping mechanism designed to aid in this quest? Weighted accessories, which reportedly help stimulate serotonin and melatonin production while lowering cortisol levels. We rounded up the year's most talked-about weighted blankets, which are taking wellness to the next level and helping consumers lower their stress. (Want even more weighted fun? There are weighted bath robes and even weighted plushies, if blankets aren't your thing!)


In 2020 in particular, many who could made napping a staple in their daily routines, and Bearaby’s Cotton Napper blanket became a must-have for those who decided to take their nap game seriously. This weighted cotton blanket is the perfect throw for any sofa; it comes in nine cozy colorways and is crafted in a chunky knit style that will delight hygge devotees. Nappers can choose from three different weight options—15, 20, and 25 pounds—and for those who are looking for something their tiny napper can curl up in, Bearaby offers an eight-pound Nappling, available in five youthful colorways.


Dubbed 'best overall' in the weighted blanket category by Wired, Yaasa makes chunky knitted throws that weigh 15 or 20 pounds, but feel much heavier because of their stiffness and evenly distributed weight. Because the Yaasa Weighted Blanket is hand-knitted, it provides breathable ventilation so sleepers don’t overheat. It also offers a restful night’s sleep by helping to reduce cortisol levels and instead increase melatonin levels, supporting better quality sleep. For those in need of a weighted blanket for naptime and nighttime, the Yaasa blanket is a great choice, as it makes for a great addition to a sofa-lounger, but is also large enough to cover a full-size bed.


Sweating during sleep can be a huge annoyance, which is why Luna has created a weighted blanket made with its signature all-climate cooling cotton. There’s a reason this weighted blanket is a best-seller on Amazon; it’s woven into a patented, hypoallergenic, and seven-layer fabric that helps regulate sleep temperature by maximizing air circulation. Not only is it comfy and cooling, but it’s highly affordable, and it offers a range of weights to choose from, starting at five and topping out at 30 pounds.