Young people kick off 2021 with hopes for a healthy year ahead

We have never been so glad to welcome in a new year, and now that it’s here, many young consumers are embracing resolutions to start 2021 off right. This week, The Cassandra Daily will be reporting on key cultural shifts and industry innovations surrounding resolutions for health, diet, and exercise. It’s especially essential for brands to hone in on their health-focused strategies through marketing, products, and services, both now and throughout the year ahead. For as we shared in our State of Mind report, 82% of U.S. Trendsetters agree that in the future, all brands will need to be considerate of health and wellness to survive.


Screen hygiene is an emerging area of self-care for consumers. Now that many teens and young adults have spent nearly an entire year at home, they are seeing firsthand the negative mental and physical impacts of their still-surging screen time, including manifestations known as “tech neck,” nearsightedness, weight gain, learning disorders, and even depression. Consumers are buying products that help them monitor and mitigate the side effects of screen time, along with taking more breaks, delineating screen-free zones in their homes, and engaging in more analog activities, as reported in Cassandra’s 2021 Outlook.


Consumers are increasingly interested in products and services that put their personal health data into their own hands. Use of at-home test kits are on the rise, from covid-19 and covid-19 antibody testing, to fertility and food allergy testing. Backed by science, as well as easy to understand, these home test kits are soaring amid the pandemic, as consumers prefer convenient and safe healthcare solutions while at home. We’ve also reported on soaring interest in virtual telehealth appointments in The Picture of Health report. Companies like Everlywell are finding success: the firm just announced $175 million in Series D financing to expand its virtual care offerings, as well as scale its testing. As teens and young adults become more invested in their health, they are sure to increasingly turn to consumer-facing diagnostics this year.


Millennials and Gen Zs are making resolutions in order to recover from the hardships brought on by the past year. From grief to loneliness to trauma, young people are increasingly turning to on-screen services and apps as they seek guidance and support. In The Picture of Health report, Cassandra reported that 80% of U.S. Trendsetters are open to having a virtual mental health service appointment. To meet this rising consumer demand, mental health programs are pivoting to provide more niche services that reach diverse populations, including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, teen, coupled, and new mom populations. Diving into digital therapy is the new norm in 2021.