Meet the mid- and post-pandemic hybrid office experience

One of the biggest questions many of us are asking today is "what is the future of work?" From free-range work to flexible hours, there’s many formats we could see emerge in the coming months, not to mention years. While we may not know exactly when or how it’ll happen, it’s clear that the definition of work will evolve to meet the needs of a post-pandemic society. Cassandra explored some possible perks, schedules, and office settings to come—read on to learn more.


The "3-2-2 week" could be the new go-to for many companies in the coming months. Per the Harvard Business Review, this hybrid home + office schedule includes three days in the office, two days working remotely, and two days that are dedicated entirely to friends and family (the structure of the days is left up to an employee's preference, contingent on an employer's sign-off). Reconfiguring the traditional Monday-Friday, 9-5 office schedule has been the topic of discussion for years, but the pandemic has been the catalyst for companies to begin addressing the need for a more flexible work schedule directly. This concept could be help improve employee mental health, as many still need to recover from the pressure to be productive during such a tumultuous time.


While many are hesitant to get back into the gym, Hydra Studios is hoping to change that. Sleek, chic, and thoroughly sanitized, the NYC-based workout and wellness company just secured a $3.8 million seed capital round of funding. Started by two former Goldman Sachs employees who wanted to democratize the corporate wellness experience for a wider swath of workers, Hydra Studios aims to serve as a hub blending work, social and fitness spheres. While their initial communal concept evolved into a more private experience due to the pandemic, Hydra Studios now feels it can reach consumers craving a clean and safe escape from apartment living, as well as those who are eager to try out the newest exercise equipment from brands like Peloton and Mirror. Branded the “premiere self-care destination,” Hydra Studios may be the future of post-pandemic blended work and fitness.


With all this time spent indoors and on screens, luxury outerwear brand Canada Goose is encouraging its employees to get outside. The brand's new HumanNature Pass campaign promotes one hour of paid play time outside per week. CMO Penny Brook hopes the campaign will encourage the wellbeing of mind and body, saying: “It has been scientifically proven that time outside can have powerful effects on our mental health, including lowering blood pressure, reducing stress levels and improving our mood.” The brand hopes this initiative will inspire other companies to follow in their (outdoor) footsteps.