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Young adult audiences are taking pleasure seriously during the pandemic

Everything has gone digital during the pandemic - work, school, events, dating, and yes - even sex. An explosion of podcasts, docuseries, and even social platforms are diving deep into topics about dating, relationships, and sexuality. Filled with raw personal stories, expert advice, and explicit imagery, this compelling content is more than just entertainment – it’s helping satisfy young adult consumer’s appetite for intimacy, which is especially critical for those who are lonely at home, deprived of their usual social and sexual experiences. Read below to learn about some of the steamiest classes, social platforms, audio-based apps, and documentaries.


Some consumers are taking time alone at home to get schooled on sex. In a new Masterclass that has already been named “Most Popular” on the platform, sex therapist Emily Morse spills her secrets on sex and communication. In the 2-hour class, she discusses conversation techniques, sexual discovery, and even shares a glossary of sex terms like ‘orgasm gap’ and ‘sexual menu.’ We’d trade in the old-school Sex Ed classes for this kind of content any day.


Femtech start-up, Emjoy, wants to normalize self-care and sexual wellbeing for women through immersive audio experiences. The app offers a library of content that’s erotic, entertaining, and educational, along with challenges and guides for their 150k users. According to CEO and co-founder Andrea Oliver, the app’s content is “backed by science and supervised by [an] in-house intimacy therapist,” which differentiates the brand from the mass of untrustworthy sexual information available online. The subscription-based start-up app recently earned $3 million in seed funding.


Described as an “online playground” for adults, OnlyFans has shot to fame during the pandemic. By making sexual entertainment content more intimate and interactive, the app has truly democratized and revolutionized the traditional digital sex industry for today’s influencer and social media era. But beyond that, the app has become a critical income source for some young adult content creators. The app has allured major celebrities like Cardi B and Chris Brown to join in on the fun, driving up mainstream awareness and audiences. Just a few weeks ago, Hulu premiered OnlyFans: $elling Sexy, an ABC News Originals documentary exploring the online platform.