Technology brings health and wellness to our fingertips

In honor of National Doctor’s Day this week, Cassandra wanted to give major props to healthcare heroes who have sacrificed so much for us and loved ones. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, health and hygiene have become central to consumers attitudes, behaviors, and product purchases. Read below as we spotlight new gadgets in the healthtech space, all of which were featured at this year’s CES event, that are allowing consumers to take their health into their own hands.


The CareOS Themis Smart Mirror was named an Innovation Awards honoree at this year’s CES show, and we can literally see why. This high-tech mirror provides a range of personalized health and wellness capabilities, including skin analysis, temperature taking, and also provides product recommendations, and even make-up tutorials. Small and lightweight, this unique device collects data from sensors and can be personalized for use by any family member. This product will be available later this year. Take a look for yourself!


As much as we appreciate our frontline hospital workers, NuraLogix’s Anura app allows consumers to efficiently measure their own vitals with just their smartphones. “Take a selfie, know your healthie” ™ is the perfect way to describe this app, which features AI technology that allows users to measure their general wellness within just 30 seconds. Along with checking for important health indicators like breathing and heart rate, this cutting-edge product is the first-ever app for contactless blood pressure measurement. So, say sayonara to velcro cuffs and cold stethoscopes, and instead, smile into your phone!


Excited for spring, but not the allergies, and germs, that come with being outside? LG’s got an answer for that thanks to their new Puricare Wearable Air Purifier mask. Powered by two H13 HEPA filters, which are similar to those used in their home air purifiers, this mask provides consumers with “clean air indoor and out.” There’s even more high-tech, including an app that monitors filter performance, and a UV-LED light case that destroys germs. This is certainly a next-level mask.