Serving up sweet and savory delights

Gen Zs and Millennials are explorers–and that sense of adventure extends to food. Whether they are trying out niche kitchen gadgets or testing out the wildest of recipes, food isn’t just a hobby but an important part of exploring their own identities and even other cultures. Cassandra is covering a range of sweet and savory snacks that young people are eating right up. Read below to learn more.


This recipe has gotten a lot of… buzz. Given the recent emergence of Brood X cicadas in the mid to East coast of the U.S., adventurous foodies are eager to integrate this insect into their meals. From soups to salads, cocktails to cakes, these cicada recipes are packed with protein and minerals–cicada rhubarb pie is a popular sweet and savory recipe. While this may bug you out, some consider this treat a true delicacy, given that the main ingredient is only accessible every 17 years. Before people head out to catch their pie ingredients, please note allergies have been reported from consuming cicadas and we suggest consumers consult with their physician before trying out this unique recipe.


Who wouldn’t want something deep-fried on a stick? That’s right, no one. According to Oh K-Dog, a restaurant offering “handmade Korean soul food,” Korean rice dogs are all the rage, “quickly becoming one of the most popular street foods” in Korea and beyond. Their snack is completely customizable–it can be filled with potato, cheese, rice cake, or squid-ink, and topped with everything from cinnamon sugar to coconut and ketchup. Saucy, spicy, sweet, or savory, every dog is delicious. They recently opened a location on the Lower East Side in NYC.


Boasting over 923 million views, #tortilla is one of the top trending foods on TikTok. Gen Z and Millennials can’t get enough of tortilla wraps, given their ability to take on different tastes from sweet to savory, serving as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Popular TikTok food influencer My Nguyen of the @myhealthydish page showcased her tortilla filled with cheese, blueberries, honey, and apples. Brands like Sour Patch Kids are also getting in on the trend, demonstrating that anything goes for fillings!