The future of job search and careers

Jobs today will not be the jobs of tomorrow. Perhaps we should stop asking Gen Zs what they want to be when they grow up since 85% of the jobs likely to exist in 2030 haven’t been created yet. Even now, Gen Zs are experiencing rapid change in career prospects, with 2.4 million new jobs expected to emerge throughout this year. Gen Zs are looking for help as they navigate all these changes and plan for their future careers, and even innovating around the infamous job search. Read on for a peek into the careers of tomorrow.


A new Minecraft world, CareersCraft, is helping Gen Zs explore their skills and future career paths. Based in one of the best-selling games of all time, Minecraft players are inspired to identify personal interests and think about how these interests could play into future career paths. Interestingly, Careerscraft is focused both on teaching Gen Zs why jobs of the past no longer exist while encouraging players to investigate factors that will “influence and shape occupations of the future.” CareersCraft is available worldwide and has already seen over one million downloads.


This week, Instagram hosts their first-ever Creator Week, an invite-only multi-session streaming event to help creators grow professionally. Providing snippets on @creators, sessions range from brand advice with JoJo Siwa to discussions around content creation with Olivia Rodrigo. Focusing both on monetizing their presence on Instagram and supporting their wellbeing, Instagram is looking to help the invited creators move their careers forward. As influencer careers continue to be a dream job among Gen Zs, Instagram is helping to inform and shape the future of what that will look like, both on their platform and beyond.


TikTok is testing a job search and recruiting web page that will be available via the TikTok app. Instead of uploading traditional written resumes, users will submit TikTok video resumes highlighting their skills and providing short personal pitches about their job experience. TikTok is already being used as a recruitment tool, HBO Max found an intern on the platform last year, and as a hub for #careeradvice, a hashtag with 1.4 billion views.