Influencers give first-hand look into safe travel today

In Cassandra’s May Are We There Yet? Report, we discuss Gen Z and Millennials’ affinity for travel and how they’ll action travel plans they’ve been dreaming about throughout the pandemic. But, with constant change in Covid restrictions, they’re looking online at influencers for first-hand accounts of what it’s like to go to their dream destination safely. Below, we join three influencers in three different parts of the world to see how they guide viewers on their travel adventures.


Traveling couple Scott and Collette explore the most “romantic, adventurous, and delicious destinations around the globe” on their YouTube channel Roamaroo. Earlier this month, they uploaded a comprehensive video breaking down exactly what it takes to travel to Italy as a U.S. Citizen. With over 59K Youtube subscribers and almost 240K followers on Instagram. Watch Roamaroo go from U.S. soil to Italian Aperol Spritz!


Sundai Love, known for appearances on America's Next Top Model, MTV Catfish, and more, now has a YouTube channel with over 270K subscribers where she shares her life in Japan. This month, Love takes viewers through the empty airport, many rounds of Covid testing, and her multi day-long journey as she attempts to travel from Japan to the U.S. With an honest look at the difficulties and costs (up to $500 for a Covid test!), Love shows the many hoops she has to jump through on her journey back to LA–spoiler alert, it was not easy.


James and Yoly run a YouTube account helping tourists “experience Spain like a local.” Their recent video “Spain is open. Should you come?” shows hopeful travelers exactly what it looks like to be a tourist in Spain today. Instead of just reading government updates on what your vacation might be like, viewers get to watch them go to tapa bars, get suggestions on why now is the best time to go to a Michelin restaurant, and are guided on booking the best hotel deals. Acknowledging the constant change in restrictions, they provide their 111K subscribers links to live restriction updates and even teach them how to order some of their favorite drinks.