A two-part shortage spotlight

If there's one thing that there's no shortage of right now, it's the use of the word "shortage" as we enter the holiday season. Will consumers be able to find the gifts they want? Will stores be able to stay open with a lack of workers? Will packages even arrive as supply chains continue to break down? We're bringing readers a special Cassandra Daily mini-series all about shortages. Read below as we cover everything from working to no-working in Part 1 of our shortage series, kicking off today with a spotlight on labor.


As far back as June 2020, Cassandra Reports show that 52% of Gen Z and Millennials are reevaluating what’s truly important due to the global pandemic. We’ve been tracking the relevance of jobs/careers within personal identity since 2017 and recently reported seeing a decline among youth that’s most prevalent among Gen Zs. Now, The New York Times reports on Gen Z’s disruption of workplace status-quo. Gen Z is driving employers to speak out on social justice; they’re questioning the idea of working 9-5, of working five days a week, and even challenging acceptable office communication (read: memes are a perfectly fine response to your boss). With the word grit so often used to describe Gen Z, this generation has been instilled with the belief that they would need grit and determination to survive and thrive in the world. Today, we’re watching as that very notion plays out in the workplace.


With headlines blasted everywhere reporting a labor shortage, those actually looking for a job are experiencing exasperated difficulties in getting offers to fill those open positions. As veteran workers take up to 6 months to land a job even with decades of experience and a recruiter shortage magnifying the already tedious job search journey, no wonder workers are questioning the whole process! As Gen Z literally rewrites every aspect of life, expect a complete re-work of the job search experience that is already underway.


Subreddit /antiwork is an online community for those “who want to end work, are curious about ending work” or want a place to share anti-work or job/work-related struggles. With an increase of 300K subscribers this October, /antiwork is now at almost 1 million members. With the no-work movement gaining steam and Gen Z and Millennials re-prioritizing what’s important in life, the pandemic has accelerated an already changing work-life mindset where work might not even be included.