Surviving in a world broken by tech

At our Don’t Look Back: Cassandra Session event, we had the honor of featuring director Liz Smith and her globally recognized film _IAmGenZ. Three years in the making, Smith’s film deep dives into Gen Z’s strong sense of intergenerational identity as she explores the influence of the mobile digital evolution on youth’s brains, lives, and values. Lifting the veil on Gen Z’s dark humor, Smith explores teens’ heightened awareness of the social and technological society they exist in today. This awareness has turned into a heightened self-awareness that is constantly in the spotlight of social media posts, online lurking, and the creation and never-ending maintenance of Gen Z’s online persona which they knowingly refer to as their “brand”. Despite all this, Gen Z still has a deep desire for privacy and a respite from outside influence, which Smith suggests they may never experience as her investigation surfaces insights that just can’t be sugar-coated. With film interviews including our very own SVP, Kathy Sheehan, Smith encapsulates the must-knows of the influential Gen Z generation. Watch her presentation here as viewers wait for her film’s highly anticipated U.S. premiere.

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