Brands support women in sports

The sports industry needs change as women struggle for equality. With scientists rethinking women’s sports research and a Women Sports Network set to launch this summer, the shift towards gender equality within sports is gaining momentum. In honor of Women’s History Month, we're spotlighting three brand partnerships that are recognizing the limitless potential that exists within women's sports (finally!).


Currently, there are zero (yes, zero) women drivers competing in the NASCAR Cup Series– a stat Busch Light is working to change. Using their status as an iconic NASCAR sponsor, the beer brand is using their influence to reshape NASCAR racing towards greater inclusion. Committing $10 million to support every single 21+ woman NASCAR driver through track time, media exposure, and more – Busch Light is choosing action. At a time when major streaming platforms like Netflix are creating more NASCAR content, the time to reshape and rethink the NASCAR industry demographics is now.


Gatorade is making a $10 million commitment to tackle inequalities within sports through their “Fuel Tomorrow” campaign. Their first step? Increasing their media investment in “women’s sports tenfold over the next five years.” As Abby Wambach, mega superstar soccer athlete and Gatorade partner, puts it, the campaign is about both building community and elevating access to sports that can help a person in “every faction of their life.” As women in sports fight for everything from equal pay to equal access, Gatorade’s financial commitment is a step towards lasting change.


Merrell is selling… less? With their new campaign, “More Less,” outdoor footwear brand Merrell empowers female consumers to reject the typical marketing message that they need to be more. Created by a women-led team, Merrell’s campaign is on a mission to help women reclaim the outdoors and the power within to reclaim themselves. As brands look to elevate women within sports, Merrell underlines how the way brands speak about women impacts their everyday lives.

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