From cannamoms to rave moms

Though it may have had a just-for-Gen Z reputation at the very beginning, TikTok has long shed its kids-only categorization and is now unequivocally for everyone – especially, it seems, moms. Moms of all kinds have turned to the app to share advice, spread humor, and find community. So, ahead of Mother’s Day (this Sunday!), we’re taking a look at some of the biggest mom subcultures on TikTok at the moment.


Cannamoms – a.k.a. mothers who proudly identify as consumers of cannabis – have taken off on TikTok, with the #cannamom hashtag garnering more than 600 million views. Parents smoking weed is nothing new (even Homer Simpson, TV’s most famous dad, has partaken), but TikTok has given visibility to the community of moms who are normalizing cannabis use and battling the stigma around the plant. The app has pretty strict rules against drug use, so while the moms share their experiences candidly, they do not smoke on-camera.


Unlike cannamoms, plant moms aren’t necessarily mothers of living breathing children (though they certainly can be) – they’re mothers of living breathing plants. Plants initially spiked in popularity early in the pandemic when consumers turned to simple pleasures like gardening to fill the void, but the green thumbs haven’t let up since. A trend among Gen Z and millennials in particular, the #PlantMom hashtag is nearing 900 million views with botany enthusiasts showing off their sprawling collections and offering do’s and don’ts for beginners.


Yet another prevalent TikTok mom that isn’t contingent on childbirth is the rave mom. Racking up more than 100 million views on TikTok, the #ravemom hashtag is filled with videos of women – self-described rave moms – advocating for safe, inclusive spaces within the electronic dance music community. Though they may not be moms yet, they all have a maternal sensibility. They’re making sure everyone’s drinking enough water, they’re armed with backpacks filled with supplies (bandaids, check; sunscreen, check), and they’re helping “rave babies” (newbie concert-goers) navigate the EDM scene.