Brands respond to the booming content creator market

If there's a generation that took the "creator" banner to heart and decided to jump head-first into their own business, that is Gen Z. It’s no wonder that Gen Z’s are moving so confidently into this space given that achievement, self-direction, and security are Gen Z's top three values —as highlighted in our Re(value)ation report. With the current state of the creator economy showing no signs of slowing down, we’re seeing the birth of hyper-specific companies that aim to address the needs of these young entrepreneurs. Even though there have been peer-to-peer efforts from within the creator community to facilitate pay transparency and foster community like FYPM, we'll be focusing today on brands and companies that focus their business model on providing solutions for the creator industry.


This graphic design app is probably the most well-known on this list. It allows users to access a platform packed with professionally designed templates and tools that creators can modify according to their needs. Thumbnails, flyers, photos, logos, banners, or even videos, Canva represents an impressive catalog for any content creator that needs —mostly— free designing capabilities for their content or business. The growing popularity of this all-in-one designing app led to their first global campaign, What will you design today?, released this past March featuring real users worldwide and highlighting the app's versatility. Canva not only offers the most extensive collection of resources in the designing tool market, but it's also available for tablets and phones, Gen Z creator's favorite device.


Jumping now from left brain to right brain! Let's talk numbers. Last year alone, the Creator Economy market size was estimated to be of around 104 billion dollars (yes, with a "b"), and 77% of those creators claimed to depend on brand deals. Cut to the most intimidating part of becoming a brand for many: the business of it all. Invoicing, following up on payments, and even tracking projects can be harsh. The folks at Lumanu know it; that's why they offer an app with all kinds of automated solutions for creators to smoothly handle these tasks. Even when it comes to taxes from these non-traditional incomes, Lumanu's tracking capabilities, creator protection program, and 1099's handling assure creators have the support they need when facing the IRS.


Everybody knows that sharing links on Social Media can be a pain, but when your income literally depends on people clicking the links you share, the issue goes from a struggle to a massive opportunity for brands. Koji saw the white space and unveiled a realm of possibilities for creators and brands alike. Koji is a link-in-bio service that allows users to create a hub of links and third-party apps in a simple URL. This need wasn't necessarily unique, so the space became crowded very quickly. Still, Koji stood out to its over 150K users by implementing user-focused dynamic capabilities to the link-in-bio hub, like tip jars from fans to creators, personalized video requests, crowdsourcing abilities, and even allowing users to sell ad space. Right now, the service is free, but the platform takes a cut from the in-app purchases for some of the services. A win-win situation for creators!

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