How the big event is taking shape in 2022

After two years of either canceled proms or scaled-back celebrations, young people (and the brands who love them) are going all out this year – and it’s playing out not just in high school auditoriums and banquet halls, but also on TikTok. Today, we’re taking a look at what’s trending, from gowns to jams, and how major companies are playing in the space.


With #Prom2022 racking up more than 1.2 billion views, it’s nearly impossible to scroll through one’s FYP at the moment without catching a glimpse of prom night. Of all the TikTok dance trends (and there are many), perhaps the most popular prom-night routine is a sequence from High School Musical, a movie that came out before most Gen Zers were even born. Another trend that keeps popping up is the prom dress debut. TikTok always loves a good outfit change, but prom-night before-and-afters make for especially epic content. Millions of high schoolers have uploaded clips showing their transitions, going from makeup-free and dressed down in sweatpants to full-on Hollywood glam. One thing’s for sure: This year, the more sequins, the better.


Several brands are making an impact on prom season by giving back to the community. Skincare brand AcneFree, for example, is sponsoring a prom night for Chicago Hope Academy. The high school’s students usually skip prom to spend a week building homes in Mexico; this time around, they get to have a special night of their own – entirely for free. The retail chain Windsor, meanwhile, is partnering with the non-profit Becca’s Closet, which has 43 chapters nationwide, to help outfit high school students in need. Windsor is donating 1,000 dresses valued at $75,000, $15,000 worth of scholarships, and $10,000 for prom tickets for the cause.


You don’t have to be a high schooler to get in on the fun this year. No, that doesn’t mean you can crash your local prom. The online music service Pandora is bringing the festivities to your home – or at least your speakers – with its new lineup of “Prom Night” soundtracks. They rolled out twenty-eight prom-themed stations, documenting the biggest prom-night hits from 1995 through 2022. Before you press play on your own graduation year and enter a nostalgic spiral, we recommend cueing up this year’s station for a taste of what Gen Z is listening to at prom. (Spoiler: "First Class" by Jack Harlow is shaping up to be the top track, according to Pandora.)