Brands take consumers on immersive theatrical experiences

Millennials are investing more time in the analog aspects of life, with 74% of them wanting more tactile experiences. Brands are leveraging this love, fusing physical and digital worlds to create shareworthy activations that lay the foundation for building brand loyalty.


To encourage young travelers to visit Europe, discount flight company EasyJet launched its “Why Not”campaign with a unique event in London in which “passengers” would open a plane door and be taken through a surreal adventure through Europe. The experience played on Millennials' wanderlust by recreating the idyllic tulip fields of Holland, allowing for passengers to see even further into what they could experience using VR goggles. The company wanted the experience to reflect the ideals of the country, inclusivity, and fun.


Asics kicked off its “Find Your Adventure” campaign with an immersive theater experience in which 60 runners became experienced Hollywood detectives in a pseudo film noir. The “Big Chase 5K” allowed runners to chase criminals through downtown LA using a special mapping system, creating a thriller along the way. Asics used the event to launch their #Run4Adventure campaign that urged runners to seek more excitement in their running routines. This campaign targeted Millennial consumers, showing the combination of body and mind while running.


Earlier this year, Toyota created the first drive-thru immersive theatrical experience in London, titled “The Night That Flows,” in which Guests followed a protagonist on her adventure through five different European cities. The flow of the evening was intended to evoke the new flowy feel of the Toyota C-HR. Projection footage of Europe’s sought after events, such as fashion week in Milan, were used to convey the elegance of the C-HR. Representatives from Toyota said that the vehicle was unlike anything they had made before, and they wanted to launch it in an innovative way to appeal to the modern trendsetting consumer they were targeting.