Inventive product packaging celebrates diversity

Brands have begun to think outside the box when it comes to their packaging. Some are offering multi-purpose options that provide consumers with unexpected forms of entertainment, and now, others are creating containers that champion diversity in terms of both body type and skin tone.


As part of its ongoing mission to celebrate beauty diversity, Dove restyled its bottles to resemble “real” body shapes. Each of the six Real Beauty Bottles featured a different combination of size, curves, and edges to emphasize the point that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. In creating the bottles, Dove cited findings from its Global Beauty and Confidence Report, which revealed that one in two women feel that social media puts pressure on them to look a certain way. The company produced 6,800 of the limited-edition bottles, which were sent to fans and beauty influencers in 15 countries.


Brazilian beer brand Skol launched a line of special-edition cans that featured a wide spectrum of skin hues. Part of the brand’s Skolors campaign, the line included six skin-colored cans ranging from darker to lighter in tone in an effort celebrate diversity. The project was created in partnership with MOOC, an independent creative group of artists from the black community. The move follows another democratic marketing initiative from the brand called “Reposter,” in which eight illustrators were invited to redesign former Skol posters that objectified women.


Like Skol, German soda brand ALI COLA chose to celebrate skin-tone diversity with a spectrum of six colas, but instead of changing its packaging, it altered the actual cola so that the lighter and darker hues shown through the clear bottles. The move is in keeping with the brand’s core mission of inclusivity; the concept for skin cola in colors came about when a German politician published controversial comments about human intelligence being directly influenced by genetic characteristics. The brand hopes to challenge such erroneous notions with its slogan, “Cheers to tolerance.”