Brands reinvent buses and vans as immersive marketing spaces

Canned wine brand Underwood isn’t the only company hitting the road to drum up fanfare for its products on a local level. Global brands are likewise taking to the streets of Brussels, NYC, and London in converted vehicles that offer a new spin on the concept of mobile marketing.


For the launch of the first-ever Burger King restaurant in Belgium, the fast food chain created a decked-out Whopper Bus that took residents across Brussels to its new joint, located in the out-of-the-way municipality of Auderghem. The bus was crafted in collaboration with transportation company De Lijn and Buzzman Paris, the agency behind many of Burger King’s recent eccentric campaigns, from toothpaste and ugly Christmas sweaters to mystery burgers. The brand took a similarly playful approach when it created a Whopper cologne in Japan for April Fool’s Day that proved to be such a hit that it sold out by the evening.


NYC residents without access to a restroom when nature calls can now call upon Rockaloo, an Airbnb for toilets platform that partners with local businesses to help people find bathrooms nearby—but this summer, Charmin brought the bathroom to the people with the launch of its Van-GO pilot program. The P&G brand’s portable on-demand van traversed the city with Black-ish star Anthony Anderson on board, bringing bathrooms to those in need while surprising people with bathroom humor along the route.


To infuse a bit of serenity into London’s hectic public transport system, lululemon converted a double-decker bus into a mobile meditation space. Dubbed the “Meditation Om the Move” bus, the urban oasis helped calm commuters through a combination of noise-blocking headphones and relaxation-promoting aromatherapy and color therapy. The bus also featured visits from mindfulness leaders like former basketball pro Ryan Leier, the brand’s global ambassador who turned to meditation to speed recovery following an injury.