Planned Parenthood launches lifestyle and entertainment activations

Social media movements like #MeToo and festivals like Cycles + Sex highlight how sexual and reproductive issues are becoming less taboo as young people continue to push for gender parity and a fairer future. Planned Parenthood’s Director of Arts & Entertainment Engagement, Caren Spruch, is playing a key role in making such topics more culturally relevant thanks to the organization’s recent activations across fashion, design, and entertainment.


MILLY recently created a capsule tee to support Planned Parenthood with the help of artist Laurie Simmons. The photographer and filmmaker has long been noted for her feminist-themed work, which often concerns the role of women in society. In more recent years, she’s also become well known for being the mother of another noted feminist, Lena Dunham, who released a documentary about Planned Parenthood earlier this year with her Lenny Letter and the organization NowThisHer. With every purchase, MILLY is donating 100% of profits to Planned Parenthood.


For September’s 29Rooms, Refinery29’s annual multisensory playground of style, culture, and technology in NYC and LA, Planned Parenthood created a special room called Neon Lights in an effort to help to educate people about the services that the organization provides and inspire them to act to protect their access to sexual reproductive healthcare and rights. Visitors could take action to support the organization via their phones and also received limited-edition condoms at the event.


Planned Parenthood has collaborated on multiple storylines about abortion, birth control, and sex education in recent years, with Spruch telling Refinery29 that “emotionally authentic portrayals of sexual and reproductive health issues on TV and in film are more important now than ever, as women’s health and rights are under constant attack from politicians." For the Netflix series GLOW, which follows a female wrestling team in the 1980s, Spruch and her team provided input on an episode in which Alison Brie’s character undergoes an abortion, guiding the language that providers used with patients and helping ensure the process was depicted in an authentic and non-stigmatizing manner.