Campaigns and marketing activations promote kindness

In response to the negativity dominating the news cycle and their social feeds, young people are making an effort to demonstrate kindness in order to create a more positive, uplifting society. Nearly half of Gen Zs say the coolest people their age are kind to others, and these campaigns are promoting this attitude.


To balance the negative events covered by the media in 2017, insurance company MassMutual covered inspiring acts of kindness made by local unsung heroes. The commercial features an array of uplifting stories, from anti-bullying efforts to a Texas community coming together to refurbish an elderly man’s home after Hurricane Harvey, while “I’ll Stand By You” reverberates in the background. The company also created an in-depth website that pairs with the commercial to tell each hero’s story in greater detail and push for more communal acts of kindness.


The deep south’s oldest rivalry between the Auburn and Georgia football teams is no joke to their diehard fans. Chik-Fil-A, a brand that’s come under fire for discriminating against the LBGTQ community and breastfeeding mothers, focused on fostering camaraderie between fans by putting a pop-up “Rivalry Restaurant” on the border of Alabama and Georgia for the 121st matchup between the universities. The restaurant was built on a mock football field where diners could have a friendly pickup game before the actual event, and former Georgia quarterback David Greene and former Auburn linebacker Takeo Spikes made an appearance at the pop-up, too.


State Farm tugged at heartstrings with a commercial featuring musician Willis Earl Beal singing the 80s classic, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” in a soup kitchen. The goal was to remind viewers that organizations are still in need of volunteers past the holiday season. The commercial is part of a 360 plan for State Farm’s Neighborhood of Good campaign that encourages people to volunteer for causes they are passionate about that are located right in their own communities. The emotional performance by Beal is personal, as he experienced homelessness at one point in his life.