Brands hit the road with mobile pop-up restaurants

Young people appreciate unique brand experiences and have also come to expect them in order to better connect with companies; 73% of U.S. trendsetters say all brands will need an entertainment component in the future to survive. Brands are hearing this call and rolling out mobile restaurant pop-ups for the public as a form of Omnitainment.


To celebrate the launch of the Uber Visa credit card and its many dining perks, the brands hosted two dinners on a double decker bus that toured NYC while serving nine winners and their guests. The menu was curated by chef Alex Guarnaschelli and was inspired by the neighborhoods of the city; while diners chowed down they experienced “Old New York,” North Brooklyn, and Union Square. The double-decker dining experience was such a success that Uber is planning to bring it to cities across the country in 2018.


Land Rover recently partnered with Jamie Oliver to create the chef’s dream kitchen-car hybrid.The Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations team revamped their Discovery SUV with a slew of culinary features like a rotisserie, ice cream maker, vegetable garden, pasta maker, and even a two-slice toaster located by the gear shift. If that wasn’t enough, the car can even churn butter as it drives. Land Rover partnered with Smorgasburg LA for their Holiday Market and brought Oliver along for the ride. The chef used the SUV to create a signature Turkey Banh Mi sandwich for the event, and all of the proceeds went to Food Forward, a non-profit that donates surplus produce to those in need.


Heinz celebrated 50 years of their most iconic slogan “Beanz Meanz Heinz” by touring nine major UK cities in their Meanz Beanz dining bus to spread the love for one of their most popular products. On the bus, diners were able to eat their beans with a range of toppings: bacon, ham hock, spinach, tomato, and feta, to show that beans can be paired with more than just toast. Customers also got the opportunity to customize their own limited edition Meanz Beanz can label with any slogan of their choice, to be delivered to their homes.