Brands are celebrating their histories with interactive museums

Brand museums have arisen as a way for companies to create entertaining, immersive experiences for their customers that also foster a sense of transparency that young people appreciate. These brands are connecting to young consumers by creating immersive museums that celebrate the company’s ethos and history while giving young people an Instagrammable experience they can share on social media.


Underwear brand Jockey celebrated 141 years of success with the opening of a pop-up museum. The exhibit gave visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the company’s culture. Displays featured samples of original garments and information on innovations and benchmarks that made the brand what it is today. The pop-up gave Jockey customers a behind-the-scenes look at the brand's history and practices, which appeals to young people who desire radical transparency from the brands they support.


Instead of building a traditional flagship store in Austin, TX, the outdoor brand Yeti created a brand museum where customers can experience the Yeti lifestyle. The store features a shark suspended from the ceiling, the first fishing skiff to cross the Everglades, and a live music stage propped up by coolers—showing off the sturdiness of the brand’s signature product. The museum and its displays capture the spirit and values of the wild-inspired brand, which Yeti hopes will help grow brand loyalty.


To celebrate its 50-year anniversary, Tic Tac will be hosting a pop-up open house in London’s Covent Garden, open to the public on June 15 and 16. The exhibit is part of the launch of Tic Tac’s new Open Up campaign about building connections with people. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in Tic Tac history, pose in a Tic Tac GIF photo booth, and enjoy Tic Tac-inspired cocktails. Guests will also have the chance to customize a Tic Tac flavor, the most creative of which will be shared with the Tic Tac Research and Development Team.