Vinyl’s revival is strengthened with sensory marketing

As youth start (Ana)Logging Off in an effort to mitigate the effects of digital overload, brands are taking notice. Best Buy recently announced it would no longer sell CDs, yet will continue carrying vinyl records based on the category’s 12 straight years of increasing sales. Other brands are combining this vinyl-specific analog resurgence with sensory marketing to facilitate emotional experiences that resonate with young consumers.


To promote Peter’s Cold Brew, a triple strength cold brew coffee, ad agency McCann Prague teamed up with food innovator Patrick Galencser to create the multi-sensory campaign Blacker Than Black that highlights the intense qualities of the beverage. The team compressed the brew into a functional 12” vinyl record that not only plays four black metal songs when placed on a record player but can be broken up and mixed with water to become a drinkable cold brew mocha. This latest hybrid innovation joins that of other companies who are capitalizing on soaring vinyl sales.


L.A.-based, Simon Cowell-mentored boy band PRETTYMUCH released their single “Hello” on a record crafted entirely from Kellogg’s breakfast cereal. The fully functional vinyl, made of layers of dark and milk chocolate built around a core of Chocolate Frosted Flakes, was created via 3D printing and contains an image of the cereal’s iconic persona Tony the Tiger in the center of the record. For added synergy, the band’s music video for “Hello” contains a Tony cameo. As Kellogg’s continues to reimagine the experience around cereal for Millennials, this latest innovation is, to borrow Tony’s catchphrase, “grrrrreat!”


Call Me By Your Name, Luca Guadagnino’s critically-beloved coming-of-age movie about queer romance, is releasing a vinyl soundtrack via specialty music label Music on Vinyl. The limited edition 180-gram audiophile vinyl is both peach-colored and peach-scented, recalling the infamous “peach scene” in the film and strengthening the centrality of the stone fruit’s symbolism to the movie. Only 7,777 numbered copies of the record are due to be released during peak peach harvest season on August 3rd. This latest iteration of scented advertising reflects consumers’ continued appreciation for immersive marketing that engages them via multiple senses.