Brands embrace time spent out of office

The majority of young people say that the vacation time/annual leave policy at a job is influential in their decision to accept an offer to work there. Despite its importance, it can still be hard for some to step away from their desk and take a break. These brands are appealing to youth by encouraging people to enjoy their time out of office.


Corona is attempting to help alleviate the guilt young people might feel for taking vacation from work with its campaign featuring the “world’s most unapologetic out of office generator.” UK residents can visit Wooohooo.com to receive a randomized humorous message, or they can pick a GIF representing their vacation destination, personalize the text, and export it to their email provider. Nearly seven in 10 young people in the U.S. and UK think traveling helps them be the best version of themselves, and Corona wants them to fully embrace such opportunities without thinking about the desks they left behind.


Burger King has gotten creative with marketing in Belgium before, launching the Whopper Bus to transport customers when the fast food chain opened its first location in the country. This summer, the brand’s Belgium operation created the Whopper Out of Office campaign—employees going on vacation entered the details of their trip and connected it to their inbox, and when coworkers stuck in the office received the message, they also earned a coupon for a Whopper or an Oreo Shake, intended to ease their jealousy.


Heathrow Airport won admiration for a winter 2016 campaign featuring a pair of bears traveling home for the holidays, and this summer it encouraged people to embrace their vacation days. The airport’s campaign features out of office messages, making the most out of even the small joy of setting up that auto-response. The campaign illustrates Heathrow’s “Closer” tagline of the airport’s ability to bring people closer with a video spot showing a family leaving for vacation and print ads emphasizing the employees’ reason for departure as friends and family.