Brands revive cult favorite snacks

Sometimes, brands needn’t look further than their own archives to serve up innovation and appease hungry young consumers. Food and beverage companies especially are tapping into the recent resurgence in product revivals to excite their nostalgic consumer base and drive anticipation for their limited-time-only product releases.


In an extraordinary example of a brand tapping into opportune timing, Kellogg’s is bringing back Froot Loops Cereal Straws all because of a viral tweet. After brands began pledging to ban plastic straws in an environmentally-friendly initiative, one Twitter user suggested bringing back Kellogg’s edible Cereal Straws, which were discontinued in 2009, as an alternative. Interest around the tweet also amplified a Change.org petition from last year that aggregated over 13,000 signatures requesting the return of the unique snack. In response, Kellogg’s announced they would launch two new versions of the straws exclusively at their Kellogg’s NYC café on August 6th for a limited time.


Surge, Coca-Cola’s lemon-lime Mountain Dew knockoff that was discontinued in 2003, is back for a limited time at Burger King. The beverage has come and gone a number of times since 2014 but in this instance is back in its original form, not as a slushie or Icee as it was in previous iterations. For now, Surge is only available at BK locations with specialty Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines. This digital touch screen soda dispenser allows users to customize their beverages, offering seemingly unlimited options for soda creations. 


Even as companies like Kellogg’s and Kith have actively reimagined the experience around breakfast cereal for nostalgia-prone young consumers, the food itself is still a great source for reinvention. Take Kellogg’s Pop Tarts Crunch cereal, which was brought to market in 1994 and pulled from shelves a year later; fans of the sugary breakfast haven’t stopped anxiously awaiting its return. After the Instagram account @CandyHunting posted a throwback picture of an original Pop Tarts Crunch box and alluded to knowledge that the cereal was coming back, Kellogg’s confirmed that the company would be releasing a Pop Tarts cereal nationally in 2019.