Brands support the environment by planting trees

The climate change crisis has reached new heights, with scientists saying that unless the world decreases its greenhouse gas emissions, global warming will reach a point of no return by 2020. Young consumers worry about the state of the world and appreciate brands that help to make it a better place; the following brands have launched initiatives to support the environment by planting trees, which help offset carbon emissions.


As tempting as it may be to avoid pre-roll ads and cut straight to the content, Busch Beer’s latest commercial might cause you to hold off on hitting the “Skip Ad” button the next time you watch an online video. The beverage company is partnering with the National Forest Foundation to trade trees for views. Busch Beer’s latest digital pre-roll advertisement begins with the promise that for each viewer that watches until the end of the video, the company will donate a dollar to plant a tree. The ad itself celebrates the beauty of the great outdoors, which Busch is helping to preserve through its tree planting initiative.


Timberland is bringing the joy of the outdoors into the city with its latest nature-inspired pop-up. Launched in New York City earlier this month, the pop-up highlights the four elements of nature and the durability of Timberland’s products to weather them all. Customers entering the space find themselves standing amid birches and ficus trees as well as terrariums of moss, ferns, and other native New England greenery. The space also features a living green wall comprised of over 2,000 plants. In alignment with the brand’s commitment to the environment and urban greening, it plans to donate the featured trees to the city where they will be planted later this fall.


Clothing brand Rag & Bone partnered with sustainability-focused beverage company Boxed Water to help save the planet one tree at a time. The brands are collaborating on different eco-friendly initiatives, including an environmentally impactful Boxed Water design contest and beach cleanups. This past summer, the beverage brand also arranged for Rag & Bone store managers to plant trees in New York City’s Battery Park and East River Park. Such initiatives highlight Rag & Bone’s and Boxed Water’s commitment to the health of the environment, which is important to today’s environmentally conscious consumers.