Female-forward brands launch campaigns to empower women

Although females are earning titles at the top at more big brands, the wage gap still exists, and women in many careers still face inequality. These brands are taking a female-forward approach by launching initiatives to raise awareness and help promote women in all areas. 


Iconic Mattel brand Barbie launched the Dream Gap Project to raise awareness of how young girls are blocked from reaching their potential. The campaign shows ways that parents may inadvertently underestimate their daughters; they are less likely to research if a daughter is gifted as compared to a son, and it’s less common for them to give daughters science-related toys. Mattel, which recently created a STEM-focused Barbie in partnership with coding platform Tynker, also released other role model dolls including boxers, snowboarders, and artists.


Uber partnered with media company Girlboss to invest more than $200,000 in three female entrepreneurs. Of the applicants, five finalists were chosen in October and will participate in the Uber Pitch session at the Girlboss Rally in NYC later this month; each finalist receives a travel stipend and face time with the event’s curated panel of advisors, and the top three earn a tiered scale of prize money. Uber and Girlboss want to provide female entrepreneurs access to resources they wouldn’t have otherwise as well as help others to rethink the stereotypical picture of an entrepreneur or CEO.


In collaboration with UK bank NatWest, Oath produced a video series about inspirational female entrepreneurs, managed by Zenith and living on HuffPost UK. The Women Who Made Me channel features editorial content about businesswomen alongside the videos of British TV personality June Sarpong interviewing female business owners about their successes, adversities, and inspirations. NatWest wanted to recognize the contributions of women in business and help to pave the way for more females in the future. The campaign is running through the end of November.