Branded wrapping paper is in season

Brands across all verticals amp up the seasonal cheer with holiday marketing. Instead of trying to be a present, these food brands are joining in the holiday fun with their own wrapping paper, presenting a unique way to show off the gifts under the tree.


In a play to insert itself into holiday celebrations, Jimmy Dean sausage is running a recipe gift exchange this season. Participants prepare a recipe using a Jimmy Dean product, submit it to the brand online, and then pick a free gift in return. The branded wrapping paper taps into the recent rise in scent-based marketing, as the gift wrap smells like sausage. There is also a sausage ornament available, but the apron and holiday record are already out of stock.


Taco Bell has already become part of wedding planning, so it’s no surprise the fast food chain has a holiday offering as well. Launched on Cyber Monday, wrapping paper is available for purchase on Amazon to Taco Bell fans in Canada. The “Crunchwrapping paper” features individual ingredients such as beef, cheese, and lettuce, which can be layered to resemble the restaurant’s iconic snack. More than just a holiday gimmick, the wrapping paper has become a best-selling gift wrap on Amazon Canada.


Burritos are a versatile food, from breakfast varieties to sushi burritos covered in hot Cheetos. In celebration of its new Epic Triple Meat Burrito, fast food restaurant Del Taco also created burrito-covered wrapping paper for the holidays. The gift wrap was given to fans via an Instagram giveaway as part of its holiday bonus program; participants could also win gift cards for food. The paper makes for a perfect wrapping of a food-related gift.