Brands debut food-dispensing billboards

As traditional billboards experience a renaissance as innovative marketing mediums, food brands are debuting billboards that dispense their product, allowing them to engage with consumers through multiple senses—and in a memorable format—and to cut through the digital noise consumers navigate on a daily basis.


For its “Eat More Amazing” campaign, and to celebrate its 10 millionth burger delivery, UK-based online food delivery service Deliveroo built an edible billboard tiled with 2,000 free burgers (in takeaway boxes) in London last year. The boxes themselves made up a larger mosaic of a giant burger on a sky blue background below the words “eat more amazing,” adding a successful visual component to the activation, which was intended to connect with consumers face-to-face rather than behind a screen.


To celebrate the return of its nacho cheese-drenched Naked Chicken Chalupa, Taco Bell Canada set up an over-the-top activation called the “Cheesiest Billboard,” a billboard in Toronto that dispensed the brand’s nacho cheese for one day only back in January. Canadian queso enthusiasts could bring any snack of their choosing to the billboard to “upgrade” it with Taco Bell nacho cheese, and those who showed up empty-handed were treated to samples of the Nacho Cheese Chicken Chalupa—which they could add more nacho cheese to as desired.


As part of a larger campaign titled “30 Days of Pleasure,” Mars chocolate brand Galaxy debuted an experiential dessert activation where passersby could pluck a free chocolate bar from a billboard stationed in London last June. The product-laden billboard is part of the brand’s #choosepleasure call to action, which encourages customers to view pleasure as a daily necessity rather than an unnecessary indulgence. Along with the billboard, Galaxy published short videos showing how different people chose pleasure in some form—unrelated to chocolate—every day.