Brands offer customization based on zodiac signs

Astrology is having a moment in pop culture, especially against a backdrop of uncertainty on social, political, and environmental levels. Sensing this proclivity of modern youth to seek guidance from the stars, brands are offering products and services that are customized to consumers’ zodiac signs.


The hospitality sector is rife with new concepts that provide young travelers with unique accomodations and ultimately more meaningful experiences, especially around human connection, and the launch of a hotel based on one’s astrological sign is the latest innovation. The Ultimo Astrology Hotel in Sydney, Australia, personalizes each guests’ stay to their zodiac sign to a detailed degree: upon booking, guests input their time, date, and place of birth to get a fully-fleshed out experience from the hotel’s in-house astrologer that is tailored to their birth chart.


Just in time for January’s total lunar eclipse, Spotify released 12 “Cosmic Playlists” that are curated for every zodiac sign by guest astrologer Chani Nicholas. Each playlist, which users can access via Spotify’s Pop Culture hub, contains 25 songs—as well as corresponding horoscopes for that sign—that provide the intended user with music that aligns with their immediate cosmic needs. The track lists and horoscopes will change each month, encouraging subscribers to continually tune in while offering a fun dose of star-personalization.


Last fall, Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo debuted Uniqlo IQ, a machine-learning digital voice concierge that is fully integrated into the brand’s smartphone app via the Google Dialogflow conversational interface. When shopping or browsing with the app, users can use this voice assistant to search for specific Uniqlo pieces, talk to the app itself (via voice or text) to source more information, and even get daily horoscopes and product recommendations based on their astrological sign. Uniqlo IQ is just one facet of Uniqlo’s consistent focus on innovation and frictionless experience when it comes to shopping its vast array of products.