Food and beverage brands release scented candles

Scent has been particularly prevalent in pop culture lately, from a rise in scented art exhibits to advertisements devoted to smell. Emphasis on this sense continues to grow with food and beverage brands creating candles that release the aroma of their products.


While meat-scented candles aren’t new—White Castle has sold a Slider Candle for years—consumers are hungry for more. Leading up to Father’s Day last year steak sauce brand A.1. released meat-scented candles in three varieties: Original Meat, Backyard BBQ, and Classic Burger, each costing $14.99. All three scents sold out weeks before the holiday, but A.1. has hinted on its website that it may bring them back due to demand. Until then, those looking to infuse the smoky scents into their space can shop popular candle brand Homesick, which offers a Backyard BBQ version of its own.


KFC is no stranger to creating unexpected products that smell like chicken—including bath bombs, yule logs, and Valentine’s Day cards—but its latest olfactory creation pays tribute to gravy. Throughout January, fans in the UK and Ireland could enter to win a limited edition gravy-scented candle, much like the brand did several years ago in New Zealand with a chicken-scented candle. Containing actual gravy, the candle creates a highly realistic aroma of the sauce. The quirky creation reflects a growing trend in which consumers are expressing their love for brands through ephemeral products, from branded wrapping paper to branded nail art.


Liquor is increasingly getting the scented treatment, whether it’s cocktails centered around scent or scratch-and-sniff alcohol packaging. Collagin, the aptly named gin brand infused with collagen, brings the two together in a different way by releasing scented candles made from its upcycled bottles that come in two smells: gin and tonic or rose. In December Collagin, in partnership with Compass Candles, released a limited batch to determine interest and based on popularity, it’s creating more. The candles sell for £25/each or can be purchased in gift sets with a bottle of gin.