Brands create brain-tingling ASMR campaigns

Modern youth have given rise to the popularity of ASMR—an entertainment trend that features sounds that are known to trigger brain tingles in those who possess the response—as both a form of stress relief and entertainment, and marketers have taken notice. The following brands have tapped into this growing digital trend by creating campaigns designed to trigger people’s brain tingles, thereby boosting their relevance in the minds of today’s young consumers.


Paint company Behr is taking a page out of Bob Ross’s book with the release of an ASMR video of the painting process, which showcases the brand’s assortment of paint colors. The video features imagery and sounds—such as a paint can being opened, paint being mixed and poured, tape being dispensed, and brush strokes against a wall—that help trigger the autonomous sensory meridian response. By tapping into the soothing nature of these videos, Behr and other brands are hoping to establish emotional connections with consumers who turn to ASMR as a form of self-care.


The fast food chain wants to help KFC lovers everywhere relax and unwind to the gentle sounds of frying chicken, sizzling bacon, and bubbling gravy. To celebrate Mindfulness Day in the UK and Ireland the brand tapped into ASMR by launching the KFChill web platform, which features ASMR videos that capture the soothing cooking sounds of the restaurant’s food staples. And for those who want to listen for a longer stretch of time, the site provides three hour-long audio tracks of the sounds on a loop.


UK-based cider maker Strongbow created an ASMR-inspired campaign entitled CNY Refreshed to help their young Chinese consumers navigate the awkward scenarios they encounter at a Chinese New Year celebration. To help them chill out and get through potentially embarrassing conversations, Strongbow created ASMR tracks that feature the sounds of Strongbow cider, such as bottle caps being popped off, the clink of glass bottles, and fizzing cider. The brand launched a web platform where consumers can choose tracks based on typical family gathering conversations, such as being judged by relatives for their life choices or being asked when they’re getting married by aunt number two.