Brands turn to personalization to engage consumers

As personalization continues to be a strong driving force for young consumers, many brands have decided to offer their own version of customization in hope of attracting Millennials. Brands see this as more than a way to simply slap a unique label on their products; it’s a way to create an engaging experience for customers and a chance to better understand their purchasing habits and desire to connect with the brand.


The Bacardi Global Travel Retail team took airport shopping to the next level with their new personalized bottle service offering. The campaign is accompanied with the tagline #MyBacardi and offers consumers the chance to add a name and a message on the label of the Bacardi Carta Blanca bottle. The rum brand sees personalization as a major purchase motivator for Millennials and is using this service as a way to connect with these consumers and get them to try the brand.


Unilever Canada gave parents the chance to personalize their Baby Dove wash and lotion packaging as a winter holiday campaign called “My Baby Dove.” The personalization was available on a microsite and the products were delivered to customers’ homes. Dove focused on personalization and direct-to-consumer ability for this campaign to make timely gifting opportunities easier and customizable. The brand not only anticipated creating a more personal connection with its consumers but it also allowed them another route for data collection to build a tailored shopping experience for future purchases.


Minimalist deodorant brand Native is now offering customization on their popular, aluminum-free deodorant. Customers will be able to put their name on the label and take a quiz online that provides a customized scent. Questions on the quiz include, “what’s your favorite scent to wake up to?” and “what drink do you order when out with friends?” Some of the scent combo offerings include coconut & vanilla, cucumber & mint, and lavender & rose. Once the quiz and customization is complete, the deodorant is shipped directly to the customer and arrives in about two weeks.

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