Brands celebrate vinyl

As vinyl’s resurgence charges forward with newer and more unique iterations, brands are taking creative liberties with the medium to promote their offerings, or just cash in on a nostalgic pastime.


Columbia Records teamed up with HBO to release For The Throne: Music Inspired By the HBO Series Game of Thrones, a soundtrack inspired by HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, launched just in time for the show’s final season. The album boasts an impressive roster of various artists, including The Weeknd, Travis Scott, SZA, Ty Dolla Sign, Mumford & Sons, and more. What’s more, HBO and Columbia are also releasing the album on vinyl: records come in special fire- and ice-hued colors with nine different covers for each of the show’s nine house crests.


Just Tom, a Canadian audio production company, gave vinyl the high tech treatment by turning its entire website into a vinyl recording, as well as making a physical record of the website to send to potential clients looking for a truly creative audio shop. Upon entering, visitors can click on records titled “About,” “Work,” and “Contact” to see a digital visual of that record being played before hearing the information in the warm, crackly undertones that are synonymous with vinyl records—the voice of Just Tom’s president and head of production provides the rich vocals heard aloud when visitors browse the interactive site.


Vinyl’s soaring popularity means that its sales are outgrowing the small indie audio shops that were once its lifeblood. Indeed, UK-based supermarket chain Sainsbury’s launched its own line of Sainsbury’s-branded vinyl albums under the name Own Label back in 2017. Own Label’s launch came with two 20-track compilations called Hi-Fidelity and Coming Into Los Angeles, each of which contained classic songs that laddered back to the titles’ theme. This was a fitting move for the brand, which claimed in 2016 that Sainsbury’s accounted for over 80% of the total grocery vinyl market, making it one of the largest vinyl sellers in the UK.

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