Branded inflatables make their poolside debut

When it comes to their social lives, modern youth are inclined to Go Big Or Go Home. In this effort, outfits and thematic elements are very important to their social activities, especially when it comes to documenting the event for social media. This summer, young people can up the ante at the pool with branded inflatables that not only set them apart from the ever-present swans and flamingos but also let them rep their favorite food brands and rack up those Instagram likes.


Condiment-flavored ice cream had a moment last summer, but somewhat surprisingly, ranch dressing wasn’t one of the featured savory flavors. Hidden Valley is giving the classic condiment its moment in the sun with a lineup of summer merchandise, including a beach towel, a bikini sporting “I put ranch on my ranch,” swim trunks and a short-sleeve button down featuring the love-it-or-hate-it pizza and ranch combo, a tote bag, a water bottle, and a ranch dressing bottle-shaped inflatable pool float. The collection allows ranch fans to showcase their love of the condiment, and will keep Hidden Valley top of mind during the summer season.


Fans of KFC—or of their innovative and sometimes tongue-in-cheek marketing campaigns, of which there are many—can take their love for fried chicken poolside with the life-size Colonel Sanders floaties the fast food chain is giving away to a few hundred winners. The pool float resembles the traditional Colonel Sanders, rather than the recently created CGI stud, and it features holders sized just right for a bucket of chicken and a fountain soda. Just don’t forget the age-old rule to wait 30 minutes after eating before you swim.


Taco Bell is committed to the seasonal spirit. Last winter, the brand debuted “Crunchwrapping paper” for the holidays that became a best-selling gift wrap on Amazon Canada, and for summer this year the Taco Bell Shop is chock full of seasonal merch. Similar to the covetable Hidden Valley collection, Taco Bell is peddling swimsuits, beach towels, water bottles, t-shirts, hats, a cooler, a beach umbrella, and more, most of which feature the restaurant’s iconic hot sauce packets. A larger-than-life packet, quipping a cheeky, “let’s do this,” is available as a pool float that’s perfect for summer days that are hotter than hot sauce.

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