Brands use ASMR to connect with modern youth

The ASMR video trend has arisen out of modern youth’s desire for content that helps them cope with their physical and mental burnout. These videos, which feature sounds like whispering, tapping, and brushing, trigger relaxing brain tingles in those who possess the autonomous sensory meridian response. Now, brands are using ASMR to produce campaigns that allow viewers to feel good as they watch the accompanying advertisement.


Bacardi is one of the latest brands to tap into the ASMR entertainment trend in its campaign, ‘Sound of Rum.’ Bacardi produced a 60-second spot that highlights its Caribbean roots through music and the sounds of making a classic rum cocktail. The beverage brand collaborated with hip-hop artist Swizz Beatz on the track, which layered sounds like ice being crushed, the clinking of glasses, and cocktails being mixed to create a fun, uplifting song. The campaign creators took inspiration from ASMR videos and used familiar sounds that one might hear at a bar to create content that would remind people of the rum beverages they love.


To celebrate trademarking the sounds of its windproof lighter, Zippo collaborated with Buzzfeed to create an ASMR YouTube video featuring the lighter’s iconic click. In addition to the video, the brand curated a special collection of ASMR-friendly lighters perfectly designed for “tapping, brushing, [and] reflecting” for consumers who are especially drawn to the signature sound. By aligning itself with the digital entertainment trend, Zippo hopes to create a connection with the next generation of young consumers who are turning to ASMR to help them relax, zone out, and reduce their anxiety.


Apple has jumped aboard the ASMR bandwagon with the release of ‘Apple ASMR,’ a new video series which features calm, serene videos that are captured on an iPhone camera. Viewers can watch and listen to content that includes wood being carved, hiking over leaves, and calm rain. While these videos are really advertisements for the iPhone, they stand on their own as ASMR content that can provide young people a way to unwind and recover. Young consumers, who are experiencing overstimulation due to their always-on media habits, are turning to ASMR to reduce the noise and appreciate brands that use this trend in their content.