Brands launch interactive marketing campaigns

Modern youth gravitate toward brand experiences that are immersive and that engage them beyond a basic ad. To cater to this penchant, the following brands launched choose-your-own-adventure marketing campaigns which allowed young consumers to participate in the narrative of the ad experience.


To engage Gen Z users, who make up half of Tinder’s dating pool, the app launched a choose-your-own-adventure style series called Swipe Night earlier this month. Every Sunday night, users can opt into the interactive experience, which follows three characters who find themselves at a party—one that happens to be on the night of the end of the world. Users use the app’s swiping feature to navigate the characters through different moral dilemmas and practical decisions as they attempt to survive the apocalypse. After each episode, the app matches users who viewed the same experiences and allows participants to display three of their choices on their profiles, which can serve as icebreakers for potential dates.


The International Committee of the Red Cross tapped into interactive marketing to demonstrate just how difficult it can be to deliver aid to war-torn countries. The organization used Twitter’s thread feature to create a choose-your-own-adventure style experience they called a “threadventure.” Participants act as frontline negotiators trying to deliver aid and help the wounded in the fictitious city of Urdiol, which is under siege. Participants have to make decisions like whether or not to give desperate checkpoint guards a cut of the aid and who they should and shouldn’t trust to assure safe passage. The initiative served as an innovative way to raise awareness and funds for the organization’s work.


To celebrate the return of TV hosts Ant and Dec to the reality series I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, British network ITV debuted a choose-your-own-adventure ad campaign featuring the hilarious duo. In the series of ads, Ant and Dec set off for Australia in a boat and find themselves coming up against peril after peril. Viewers are asked to decide what they should do next by downloading the I’m A Celebrity app and casting their vote. The interactive ad experience was launched to increase the number of app users, which the network will then be able to use as a direct marketing tool via push notifications and reminders.