Satisfying videos—a type of contentless content—are the latest entertainment trend

The overstimulation modern youth experience within the media space has given rise to a new type of entertainment offering: “contentless content.” This term encompasses entertainment that has no plot or narrative, but that’s repetitive, hypnotizing, and oddly satisfying. The following brands are pioneering this space and creating oddly satisfying videos to provide young consumers with content that draws them in and chills them out.


To celebrate the launch of McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu in France, TBWA\Paris tapped into the internet craze around satisfying videos. The agency partnered with 3D animator Matthieu Braccini to create an impressionistic ad exploring the making of McDonald’s iconic Egg McMuffin. The 2-minute video features endless loops of imagery, including softly bouncing pastel eggs and billowy sheets of perfectly-sliced bacon. Braccini paid extra attention to the color, texture, and roundness of the animations, as well as the physics and movement of the pieces. When combined in the video advertisement, this imagery in motion evokes feelings of calm and satisfaction in those who gravitate toward such soothing videos.


Google leveraged the satisfying video trend for a mini golf-themed interactive touring experience promoting the company’s Google Home products. Attendees were able to putt their way through obstacles inspired by different rooms in a house, all while engaging with devices stationed throughout the course. Google tapped animator Andreas Wannerstedt to create the ads for the tour, which included aesthetically-pleasing looped videos of golf balls moving smoothly through mini 3D courses. The ads that ran on Google’s website and social media platforms would have blended seamlessly with other oddly satisfying video posts, providing modern youth the "zone out" entertainment they turn to in times of stress.


Quibi has been bolstering its upcoming line-up with all types of content—from horror to comedy and even a daily astrology series. To diversify its entertainment offerings even further, the short form content platform announced that it will be launching an ASMR and oddly satisfying video series called The Daily Chill. Episodes will feature cinematic visuals, ASMR triggers, and oddly satisfying videos, all of which will provide viewers a respite from the stress and burnout they experience in their everyday lives. The series will cater to Quibi’s Millennial audience in the hope that the entertainment offering will provide this cohort with the kind of self-care wellness solution they tend to seek in times of stress.

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